Work in Progress  for the Fieber Festival Berlin 2013.  Four Bodypaintings in two days for the same piece.
“The time is now.” Dance- Bodypainting-Voice
Realisation:Helena Estela-Baeza, Yesenia Moreno y Carolina Gonzales
Dance: Yesenia Moreno, Carolina Gonzalez
Voice: Eva Blanca
Bodypainting+Stylism: Helena Estela-Baeza

x  x7                 x3   1010037_147216352140534_907434940_n1010037_147216358807200_560221632_n  1005260_147217088807127_780868788_n       10     3  600462_147217075473795_1589358418_n    07          1040143_147215005474002_553147497_o   14 12


   x6  x00x4  x5
x8  9 lr internet

   15 internet  6022_139518119577024_1237831943_n

   24 internet  xxx


Panta Rhei”  – Piece of “2nd Moments of Inspiration” by JUST LIVE DANCE.    Theaterhaus Mitte Berlin. 26/27. 01. 2013

Coreography: Sören Niewelt  *  Costume Painting/Design: Helena Estela  *   Dance: Jessica S. Larbig, Sinja Maucher, Julia Koch, Gabriella G.Lacerda                    *   Musik: Chopin/ Australian Drums    *    Technic Sound/Lights: Michiel Jansen     *  Video: In The Djungel*productions.

panta rhei 2

58 intern


Bodypainting Photoshooting for Subclub Berlin, 2012.  * Model: Charith AK  *   UV Bodypainting+Photo= Helena Estela-Baeza

Lightworker   Lightworkers I

charith 04 interneyt  charith 01 internet 2


Videoclip RAF Camora -KDL (prod. by The Royals&Raf Camorra)

ravens 00 B internet

ravens 01 frame internet     ravens 02 internet        ravens 03 internet   ravens 05 internet

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