Helena Estela-Baeza

+49 15902822771 (Deutschland)



3 thoughts on “Contact

  1. hello Helena I am looking for a body painter to help me with my art film that I am going to be doing in August. It is a really low budget so I can only pay 100 for 2 days…. if you would be interested in more info i can send you the whole concept and story line… your work is wonderful
    Kindest Tiffany

  2. Dear Helena
    Your bodypainting is so beautiful – have you thought of offering it for costume balls and fancy dress parties? That is all the rage at the present, and I can imagine in future. Anyway you should leave your business flyer at Maskworld, the new store in the Oranienburgerstr. 86a (Hackescher Markt), they sell bodypainting makeup and outrageous, beautiful and even some poetic costumes, so their customers have an imagination and would like your form of art.

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